Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bay Bridge

At Florence, Oregon this past summer, low tide.

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Tricia said...

Another incredible image! Very nice sepia shading.

I'll definitely try those settings next time I'm out & about - thanks for taking the time to share that info w/ me! Much appreciated

And I'd love to have ya join 'Old Barns' - I try to start around 7pm central time on Mondays

annalyn said...

I can see that, that is a very beautiful place.

Francisca said...

This sepia of the water and bridge has a nice vintage feel to it.

Lui said...

Francisca's right. It looks old. Sepia makes it look vintage!

Marka said...

I like the sepia touch on the photograph.

Firefly said...

I looked at the picture before reading and wondered if it was low tide. You must have quite a bit of tidal difference here.