Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Meme: Bridges Weekly

I have decided to get into the meme business with a (hopefully) unique theme: Bridges. The first round will start this next Saturday, April 9th, at 12 noon Pacific time. I may change it to Midnight GMT at a later date, but noon my time will work for now.

This will be like other memes with links, cut & paste code to link back and requests to leave comments. We all love comments, don't we? :-) So you are getting advance notice to PLEASE save up some bridge pictures and post them weekly on Bridges Weekly!

For now, here is a sneak peek at the test page and the icon I have created. Click on the icon and it will take you to the new site. Hope to see you there soon!

Bridges Weekly  Bridges Weekly  Bridges Weekly  Bridges Weekly

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