Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have been looking at this little meme, Random Hearts, for quite a while wondering where I could find a heart. Watching for perhaps a year, nothing, and then I find one this week here where I work on a part of the campus I seldom visit, looking down from a second floor walkway!

Were the left end of the log moved over perhaps a foot it would be cupid's heart. :-)

For you honey. :-)

Visit Random Hearts for more photos of a heart where you find it!


Clytie said...

Hi Perry! I love the random heart you found! I wonder if someone planted it as a heart, or if it was nature's design ... either way, it's PERFECT! Besides - green is my favorite color, and this is one AWESOME shade of green!!!

Dani said...

Very refreshing. Love this cute heart.

cyndycee said...

Awww..."thank you honey" You're so sweet:) Good eye babe. xo