Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I tricked Angela to get in front of the camera tonight. Awesome session with a lot of great shots. We did some serious images, like this, for grandma, and then played around with lights and a fisheye lens. It was fun. She "hates" every shot, including this one. I believe this image was the one when I was asking her about her "boy friend". (She is toooo young!) Beauty dish near camera & slightly up on left and GOBO'ed flash on right for hair light/fill. Shot with K-7 & 50/1.4 at f2 for bocha.

Mouse over for before image.... tutorial at right.

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Firefly said...

Beautiful photo. I really need to corner my kids in the next week or so.

Marka said...

Excellent portrait!

Kinda like the homecoming photoshoot I did earlier this year for family. I wound up wearing a pink landyard with a bunch of keys on it as a headband to get natural laughter and smiles out of the young lady. And it worked!

Jeff D Fennell said...

My 50 1.4 is my cheapest lens, and probably my favorite. Nice shot.