Saturday, September 4, 2010

Only a Test

I was playing the other day, with Teddy here, by a window. I grabbed my flash and wanted to duplicate window light. So the question to you is this: Which is natural window light and which is flash? 1000 points to who ever gets it correct with solid reasoning behind their guess. (1000 points? You bet! Not good for anything, but hey, you got 'em!) :-) Click for a larger version, as usual and next/prev to compare.

Did you guess? The answer is on the next page, after the break........
(Having problems with the "Page Break" feature. Sometimes works, sometimes not. Dunno.)

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So, the question to you is which is natural window light and which is flash? #1 is flash, #2 is natural. Did you win the 1000 points? :-)

Flash                            Natural


Quilt Works said...

Both photos are very nice! My guess is that the photo on the right is the natural light, and the photo on the left is flash.
The reason for my decision is that the light a bit more intense with flash.

I like the shot on the right a tiny bit better because the shadows are slightly more intense and emphasize the curves.

I always enjoy following your blog :-)

Quilt Works said...

Aha! I could not find the right answer before I posted. Very clever how it appeared after I made my post. I will not give away the answer since I am not sure if the answer visible to your other visitors.

Mike B. @ said...

I'm going to guess that #2 is flash. I am only basing that on when I take flash pictures I always get strange shadows. Of course, my flash isn't very sophisticated. Photo #1 is more pleasing to my eye.

Jane said...

I think the natural light one is better, I tend to not use the flash if I can help it since it does wash things out a lot. Thanks for sharing the cute teddy bear with us.

Dianne said...

well I was wrong
they're both great shots though :)

Chad said...

I believe #1 is by flash. Hope you have another sunset photo for Sunday sunsets.

Rebecca said...

Tough one...I am guessing 2 is flash only because the light is stronger.

Firefly said...

#1 is natural and #2 the flash. Just because the shadow is hasher on the second?

bobskoot said...


the flash is the one on the Right. You can tell by the eyes. The light is harsher more pointed less diffused. The natural light is soft as evident on the left photo.

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