Monday, August 9, 2010

Meet Payne

Or, perhaps, the title should read "And now, something completely different". This is Payne, a local Hip-Hop artist trying to make his mark on the world. He needed some photos for promotional purposes so we did a shoot for a couple hours last week. Went pretty well, got a variety of good shots. (Be nice to him please. I know you are looking for some sunset or a warm and fuzzy. I'll get back to that tomorrow, I'm sure.)

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reg said...

I would be nice to him, actually by the look of the pic I would be scared not to !!!!!
just kidding I hope we are always nice to all artist as they play such an important role in all our lives

Scott said...

Clearly a theme here with the bars and the "Danger" sign and "Corrupt" t-shirt. Nicely done.

Sylvia K said...

Great shot for the day, Perry, and an interesting one as well! I do love the theme! Enjoy your week!


kri said...

Why does he look so sadly? Would be nicer to see him laughing ... greetings from Austria (no Kangaroos hopping around there ... we have Lipizans instead!)

chris said...

Just wanted to say thanks to Perry for doing my photo shoot. It was a blast and I can't wait to have more opportunities in the future to work together!!!

I'm not sad by the way, I do have some smiling pictures!!