Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sky Flowers

Recent fireworks display. First is straight out of the camera, with a little cropping, using a long exposure and bluring the focus during exposure. Looks like a flower! Second is similar but I added in some color too. Thought I would try out this for the first time as the regular fireworks shots have been done!

(Ok, not *really* flowers and not quite yellow, but they are close on both counts!)

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Manang Kim said...

It does look like flowers. It's beautiful!! Happy Sunday!

Yellow Hollyhock

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Spectacular!!! They look like floral fireworks, great job.

Marka said...

Great fireworks!

Ann said...

fireworks for a birthday celebration?

Ma.links said...

Wow! Epic shots. Stunning.

Carolyn Ford said...

How fun these are! Wonderful captures and processing!

Dave said...

very cool shots and technique Perry, the first one is not your usual fireworks shot.

Dave said...

PS, thanks for the link for Mouse-Over Tutorial that you posted, i was trying this awhile ago and completely forgotten to finish it.

I had the code for mouse-over but cannot seem to insert it on my page.

..saves me a lot of time and brain cells to do this one.

Dave here.

meyerprints said...

shopannies said...

love fireworks here in two weeks we will set our own off and have fun with them

Cai - said...

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Have a good one!