Friday, June 25, 2010


One of each, color & monochrome. I like them both and my original intent was to only post monochrome. But the orange just pops!

Also, first use of my new softbox that I received for Father's Day. Does great light. But no one will pose for me. :-(

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Sylvia K said...

I love them both, but since this is a really gray day again here in Seattle, I think I'll have to go with the color!! Terrific captures and beautiful reflections.

As far as pictures of the Sound, I'll see what I can do for That's My World on Tuesday, maybe that will help convince her!! Have a great weekend, Perry! ;-)


Dimple said...

Both versions are beautiful. You're right, the orange does stand out. The flower alone would have been enough, but the addition of pollen gives an extra boost.

Eng said...

Ahhhh! these are absolutely exquisite! i love it, love it, love it!

i have to have one of those soft box as i only used plastic folders and aluminum foil to do my! lemme see if what the next special occasion is and starts dropping some hints and hopefully the hubby will get it.

ahhh! i got to say it again...EXQUISITE

eng of poetic murmurings

Anonymous said...

I too like both images. I'd love to see the color and B&W versions of both of these lovely flowers.

Dragonstar said...


Plenty of detail in the B&W, but it's nothing special. The colour one, on the other hand, is a winner - deserves a post to itself.

jennyfreckles said...

I like the colour one best - the positioning, the pollen and the colours are great. It's good you're trying new things - I'm trying to learn to be a better photographer too. Improvement comes with practice.

Ebie said...

I love both photos! And what a lovely gift you received. Happy belated Father's Day!

Weekend Reflections

Dragonstar said...

I'm sorry my comment upset you. I was bowled over by the colour photo, which is superb.

Marka said...

Wonderful photographs! I like both of versions.

john said...

I agree with Dragonstar, and I mean it as a compliment :-)

Joanna said...

What beautiful images. I've never heard of a soft box but I think I need to find out what it is. I'm just a point and shoot kind of photographer but I admire these photos immensely.

EG Wow said...

I like very much that you've shown us two versions. Both are very well shot!

Dave said...

hi Perry,

Congratulations on your new toy.

Both photos are gorgeous but im leaning a bit towards the one in full colour, i think it project more details and i can almost feel the softness and emotion right off my computer screen.

due to budget constraint most of my lighting accesorries are just DIY, seeing the result of a proper device here is just simply exciting.

btw, have you tried light tent? I made one but the results are not to my expectations.

Dave here.

13 Stoploss said...

Compositionally, I like the color image. The approach is more thoughtful and planned and your placement of the flower, its debris, and the reflection are superb. Also, the color is bright without being saturated.

On the other hand, the black and white image is too gray. As a black and white film photographer, your exposure (whether film or sensor) needs to have detail in both the shadows and the highlights while maintaining tonality through the grayscale.

In your BW, the flower is much too gray. There really isn't a pure white, though you do have some nice detail, it just doesn't jump out like the color image. More white would do the trick. Secondly, compare the reflections between the two images. The color displays excellent shadow detail--you can achieve pure black as well as clarity in the shadow. In the BW, the shadowed reflection is more muddy--and by muddy, I mean clarity, not detail.

Lastly, I prefer the crumb-like debris in the color image--you have a better focus point and a better use of depth of field. In the BW, I would not guess that the crumbs were pollen.

Don't take offense by the previous comments especially considering that English is not the primary language for many of the Weekend in B/W followers. Photography is a gift that is internally rewarding. There are many others above me praising your post. It is clearly an excellent step forward in your photography and for that you should be proud.