Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Making Ready for Blackberries

Walking around this past weekend with a few kids, including mine, in the park. They were scouting bees on the blackberries for me!

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caite said...

yes, I know bees are so necessary...but I hate them. ;-)

Firefly said...

Always nice to have a couple of extra pairs of eyes to find the little things.

Firefly said...

Perry, fall has come and gone and winter is settling in. We are in the mids of a drought, but its now being called a green drought. We have had some nice rain here in the city, but unfortunately the dams are still empty as very little has fallen in the catchment areas. So the water on the mushroom was rain as we aren't allowed to use hosepipes at the moment.

Sarah said...

That's a great excited for blackberries thi year!

Happy WW!


alicia said...

What a stunning photo. Happy WW! Drop by my linky party.