Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1981 on this day, it was.......

.....I was living in a converted school bus with my ex. Couldn't afford a real house and it allowed flexibility to move around to where the work was. Also had a 1950 Chevrolet 4 door and on this day it was a traveling day. North to the big city of Portland and a place I had no clue about. Had to stop at my grandma's house to get directions where she forced my uncle to show us where to go. (He didn't like me and has not spoken to me in all these years.) We could not afford a local hospital so we had to go to the university hospital where treatment was free, at least back then. But the outcome was great. That day we brought into the world Kama-Love Prudence Carmichael.

Happy Birthday Kama.....I love you,

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A-piece-of-me said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!! Can't wait to see more of you...xo
Beautiful flowers honey, they look familiar:)