Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break at the coast


Firefly said...

Cute fish pic. "Peek-a-boo"

Isn't it just like boys to want to make those "chanals) in the sand break and fall? I know my son like to do it.

Anonymous said...

Kelly (from work) Says, IT'S FRIDAY!!! Cool shots! The Red snapper with green kelp wig is cool & William the giant, standing at the canyon edge causing avalanches. :-) Nice!

Grace said...

Hi, I found your blog on a link from viewing a Skywatch Friday entry, The African elephants post.

I like the image of the fish peaking from behind the kelp.

For the beach photo, I can almost visualize the next part of sand to fall into the channel with the child's stick; the right time for the ocean's wave in the background.