Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finals are done and Spring Break is here!

This does not say "Spring" to you? :-) The bridge around this HO scale train is a final team project for one of my classes. We engineer and fabricate bridges then stress test them. For fun we run a train through them too.

Students design bridges in advanced 3D software then do analysis on their designs to see how close they can predict real world results. Bridges are made of ABS plastic from the 3D printer we have in class, then assembled. We add weight to the bridges until the bridge bends .050 of an inch. (We DO NOT break them!) This bridge held 28 pounds which is a lot considering the frailty of the bridge! The best bridge held 31 pounds.

Oh, everyone go to Kelly's page and wish him a happy birthday today!


Lisa said...

Lucky, we don't have spring break until the 3rd week in April!

Firefly said...

Spring may be coming up there, but here autumn is settling in.