Saturday, March 14, 2009

Devotion to a cause

The wrong one though. At least that is what is portrayed in the play Cabaret! If you don't know, the play is in the pre-WWII times Hitler was on the way in and sex was recreational. I knew this would be a powerful image but I didn't know how much until I saw it on the monitor. Makes me wonder if the public *really* knew who and what they were aligning to. Scary image.

(Yes, IQ is off but it does not take away from the message.)


kcblog said...

In comment to your post, Yes it does make you wonder what they thought they were following. I do know that once in the regime's military there was no choice. A very good friends grandfather was one of the enlisted at that time. He did have a choice and it was to carry out his orders or get on the train to be executed with the rest. He was not proud of what he did but he was able to live a long life. Yes ye did carry those skeletons in his closet until he was in his 90's.

Lisa said...

My sister was in that play in local theatre and I went to see it, it was very moving and incredibly powerful to see, especially when you get it. Scary times back then too bad the world hasn't completely evolved yet!