Friday, February 20, 2009

Tired of puppies yet?

Let me know when I am done posting puppy photos. (Or when you are done looking at them.) It has been a year sense we have had any and they are so fun to photograph. They are for sale and I am not sure there is anywhere off limits. In fact I believe the great-great grandparents are fro England. (Just kidding Ann, shipping would be *SO* much on one of these guys. BUT, if you happened to be in the states in about 8 weeks one could go as regular baggage I believe........:-)


Ann said...

Never tired of these pups and this shot is superb, such lovely little things.

MOM said...

What a kissable little face!!!!

Troy Shorter said...

Awwh they're so sweet, infact they're beautiful. Its a lovely pic aswell, great composition :)