Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Kitchen

Not photographically interesting or having any impact, but this is my first panorama using my Panosaurus Panoramic Tripod Head (from Christmas)and the lens I have been looking for and finally received this week (24mm Sigma). Great combination for this. The photo below is of my kitchen and stitched together from 15 images, 3 rows of 5. Extremely detailed, too detailed for my kitchen :-), and very easy to stitch. Using a pano head makes it so that there are nearly no mistakes in alignment from frame to frame and there is very little overlap between images. If you stitch together a pano shot handheld a minimum of 30% overlap is needed to get a good stitch. There may have been only 5% on each of these shots.

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Ann said...

I've never tried pano, but this is inspirational, I bloomin' love it Perry....I gotta have a go :0)