Friday, January 9, 2009

The "Seal" of Approval


Troy Shorter said...

Perry i love this. The names good, made me giggle, Great thing to capture, love the seals expression (if it can have one) and i think the fading from black in the corners is great. :)

Karin said...

Oh, how beautiful is this! Absolutely love it, seals are so cute! And the title is brilliant!

Ann said...

Happy New Year Perry, fantastic Seal, he has a brilliant expression, very contented, or is it smug !!!
Excellent shot!

Barb said...

Peeking in on you from PA. Love your photos! Lately, I've been uneasy behind my own camera lens, but it doesn't keep me from enjoying the work of others... and yours is at the top of my list.

Have a nice day.

kcblog said...

That was one of the nicest compliments I have seen on this or any other photo blog (including my own) in a long time. Barb is right though, nice shot, copycat! :-)

kc photo blog