Monday, January 12, 2009

Late for Class

"More black & white" you exclaim!? Yes! No, not a change of hart here, but a short trend that will continue for a few more days. (I hope you can survive my MonochromeMadness!)

This is not a conversion and that is not noise. This is actual black & white *F*I*L*M* with grain. Remember that? I shot a roll this week to exercise an old camera with my 16mm fisheye lens. This shot taken where I teach looking between floors. The decorations are etched glass with slogans hanging from above and illuminated with colored lights. Pretty cool really. The scary thing with film is you never know what you got until you see the prints much later!


Ann said...

Oh yes I remember film, I still have my Nikon f-301, " Happy Days",
waiting in anticipation for the results of your endeavours, great fun ! did you do the whole darkroom thing too ! digital has certainly made photography less costly in terms of deleting images that dont make the grade, rather than going through the whole process of developing etc etc. I love your shot, monochrome suits it perfectly, it has a space station feel to it, really cool !

Firefly said...

What is film? Did you take photos with it? How did it work? Just jokes, although I only got more serious about photography in the digital era. Can't quite imaging not looking at the pic on the screen and taking a second (or third) if it doesn't look right.

Troy Shorter said...

Perry this is fantabulous. Love it, I remember film, who doesn't? Never used it though, would drive me bonkers not being able to see my images, but I guess when you get a result like this, it's well worth the wait!