Monday, December 1, 2008

I'll never forget

I had been waiting nearly a week for this mushroom to pop out of the ground. Here is is! I made this capture of it and wanted to go back at night with lights to set a mood. About an hour after this was taken it was destroyed by a couple of kids. :-( I had never seen this type of mushroom before so was heart broke, but found more later and I'll post soon. They are a beautiful flower on their own.

On a side note, these are not only pretty but toxic and use as an hallucinogen. They used to feed them to Reindeer to make them "fly" (jump really high).


Ann said...

Thats a real fairytale mushroom, the sort you see in childrens books, a really excellent capture and what a shame it got pulverised by kids after you waited so patiently for it to appear.

Firefly said...

I have to agree with Ann. I am picturing a fairy sitting on top of it. What luck being able to get it before the kids came around.