Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I wish this were MY house!

It is on the Oregon coast poised on a small cliff right on the ocean front. I bet it has seen some very good storms!

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Ann said...

Me too ! what a view you must have from that window in the tower, yep! I could certainley get used to life on the cliff top, as long as there is no coastal erosion and you find your sitting room on the beach at the bottom of the cliff after a !! What a fantastic blue sky!

KaraBeagle said...

I dunno....erosion in some places on the coast is up to 4 feet per year! Looks a little too close to the edge for me! We keep watching the house on the cliff in Yachats, where the 804 trail meets the beach--one day it will be in the ocean!!

Firefly said...

That little tower looks like something out of some horror movie. You didn't see somebody peeking out from behind the curtains?