Sunday, August 3, 2008

Steam Up!

If I weren't there today and took these I might be convinced they were taken 50 some years ago. But they were taken at the annual Steam Up at Antique Power Land in Brooks, Oregon. A very cool event with tractor pulls, hay bailing, flower milling, trolley & 10" scale train rides and a live steam saw mill. Very cool if you have a hankering farm history or antique steam and gas engines.

And for those who need a little color in your life....... (The first one is the same as the top one above.)


Ann said...

Love the black and white shots, its my most favourite area of photography, and any chance I get I will convert in CS3 or shoot direct in B&W, I'd love to know what your gear your using I am a Canon girl,400d + additonal gear long to upgrade and would happily spend all my earnings on new equipment, its for sure an expensive hobby.

Firefly said...

Wow, awesome. Non of those around here by us that I know off. We do have a little narrow gauge steam train called the Apple Express that does pleasure day trips over the weekend. Unfortunately our local railway authority forces them to use the diesel locomotive most of the time.

Bubba said...

Very very cool! Love the black and white they look very authentic.

Perry said...

B&W conversions done in CS3 with the monochrome adjustment layer using the Blue Filter option. Also added a little noise for more film like grain effect.

Perry said...

And THANKS!!! :-)

jennuk said...

sooo nice the w&b shots! for real!
im a fanatic of photograpy and i just loove what you do! this is passion!