Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meet Leo Pard

A figurine I received from the main animator for the movie Shrek. He is a leopard pronounced Leo Pard because someone was looking at the word leopard and mis-pronounced it, giving him the idea for a leopard with attitude. Leo Pard may show up in a movie one day.

How is this real? It is created from a 3D computer model then printed with a 3D printer. Very cool technology. I use this technology as a visualization and teaching tool at school.


kcblog said...

Cool shot, Awesome subject matter and an amazing story. Being a Pixar/Disney fan I will be looking for this one, Cool name too Leo Pard
kc photo a day

Firefly said...

I wonder what kind of caracter he would be in a movie.

Bubba said...

I think Leo Pard would be a wonderful character in a movie! I loved Shrek!