Sunday, August 17, 2008

Change in the Weather

Clear and 100F yesterday and now this and a little rain. Lightning to come too, or so they say.

On a side note, click on the image. If it overlays a larger image, I am excited! If it brings up a dialog, I am sorry. :-( If the dialog comes up, dismiss it and try again. If still no image overlay, refresh and try all the above again. It works in IE7 and Firefox 3.x just fine and Opera 9.x you may have to scroll up or down. I have not tried any other browser. For fun, go back to the fire posting and click on the first small image then use your arrow keys (right for next, left to go back) or mouse while hovering over the image and click. (Well, I do admit to having an odd sense of fun.......)


Ann said...

Clever stuff, it all works well with me, it looks really good. Hope you managed some lightning shots, 100 degrees, I would melt!!! another moody sky shot, well done

kcblog said...

Nice shot, thanks for the tip! Will incorporate it into my photos as well!

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