Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blocked by Fire

Billowing smoke pours off of a semi truck carrying a load of straw that had caught fire from other fires along the freeway caused by someone else. This guy just got lucky.

A bale of hay that burnt through a strap causing the load to fall here where the trucker stopped.

We were stopped with many others with fires burning all around us. There were many fire fighters from 5 towns so we were in no danger.

The semi-truck is on on fire here, an early photo on the left. The center shot is later when there is not much remaining of the truck except an exhaust stack.

Jefferson firefighters Smith & Powell shown on the hill and taking a deserved break from the fire. They quickly zoomed off shortly after to help in another area.

While the area was heavily engulfed here, no real damage other than to some trees.

Not like we were covered with them, but there were *many* grass hoppers trying to escape the flames. When we were told we could leave, you can see the exodus of cars heading around the fire area.


Firefly said...

We have a number of fires burning around us at the moment as well. The winter has been very dry so far and its been warm the last couple of days. One big fire is burning in the mountains of the Addo Elephant National Park and a very well know country hotel on the mountain lost its chapel, conference and about 15 chalets.

Ann said...

Wow !!! excellent set of dramatic shots, did these go to press ?? glad everyone was ok.

Bubba said...

wow, great shots, lots of action in your neck of the woods between the fair and fires.......

kcblog said...

As we talked on the phone, Nice shots!

Still amazing how many people have stopped by your page and have not left a comment. Interesting, We need to shoot for comments and have fully controversial photos that get the attention. :-)