Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Need Your Help!

Yes, a picture will be coming later today but I need some feedback from EVERYONE! What are your favorite photos ever posted on my blog? I am going to put a couple photos in a contest (4C's Best of the Northwest) and want to know what you think I should enter. I am not always a good judge of my own work and deeply appreciate you help. Thanks!!


Bubba said...

Seen better days, April 9 / Veterans Memorial Revisited July 7 (Canon)/Opposite Ends June 21 (Ford)/Good Moon Great sky June 17th (Rainbow)/Green Apples June 9th/Bridge Inspection May 20th (Man inside)/Blue May 4th/Pano Stitched Morning photos April 13 (tree)........Those are some of my favorites, I'm no expert but I hope that helps you! Good Luck!

-MC- said...

I really like "Wonderful clouds" June 3rd & "blue heron" May 22nd. :D