Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hoffman Bridge

1 lane, built in 1936 and spans Crabtree Creek. I did take a photo of Hoffman in May (click here to see) so I am doing something a little different than with the other bridges in this series.

If you look close you can see the rope the kids use to swing out into the water with. (Remember those?) Also, 1000 *BONUS POINTS* if you know what I did to this in Photoshop. :-)


-MC- said...

Very pretty pictures!

I'm not sure what you did with photoshop though ^_^

kcblog said...

I like the Hoffman photo, nice shot! The 1000 *Bonus Points* I checked and I have lots but cant decide what to purchase with them.

Bubba said...

hmmm, not sure about photo shop but I am going to guess you brightened the tree on the right and blocked out some nude sun bathers on the rock by the rope?

Perry said...

There were nude sun bathers? I fear my photoshop skills would not be able to remove them. :-) 1000 points just for the thought. If you look above the window there are 2 small pipes that contact the frame. They actually go through the window and ruin the shot. I removed the pipes. Oh, it was cloudy.