Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some real "Costal" photos today

Three from the day. Down on the beach there is a huge amount of "beach erosion" from a recent storm that has stripped away the sand in this area. Makes it great for rock collectors.

A Common Mir, I bleieve, from the avairary at the Newport Aquarium. (Cheated, I kmow.) :-)

Pretty flowers.


Bubba said...

That coastal picture is gorgeous, it was that wet this weekend at Run-a-mucca, lots of beautiful bikes though.....only Beemer we saw was at the bike show, not entered but it was old, old, old.....guess they can be reliable if not comfortable!

Kama-Love said...

Wish I could be there at the beach to scavenger for shells and rocks, and just enjoy the beach... sorry, I didn't go the Thunder Road this weekend at the capital... next year for sure. I just didn't have the best weekend with my car and I was busy with pet sitting. Love you Daddy