Monday, May 12, 2008

Scavenger Hunt (4)

7) A Purple Reflection

8) A Picture of your Own Camera

(I know, not the best but I didn't have time to do what I did and suspect tomorrow will be no better. ) :-(


Theresa said...

Pretty cool I think!!

Bubba said...

I think it look awesome, you sure make this fun for me to look at, I think it's great!

kcblog said...

I think we may want to start a second/ongoing scavanger hunt for after this one but open it to others!

Kama-Love said...

I like your reflection one, you have a good start with it. **I was looking though someone's college year book and my favorite pic/most creative pic, is a pic of the pic... the picture of the student is in the middle on top of other papers (with a good quote), with spectacles, pencil, paper clips and such on the side/surrounding.

Now, about your purple reflection, wouldn't that be really a yellow reflection on something purple? *wink*

Perry said...

Thanks everyone! Your comments make it even more fun.

A reflection in purple? Creative license! :-)

You are right kcblog, open to everyone would be fun if those who join in post. Truth is, as you know, it can be hard to get the picture.

Even though it only takes 1/500th of a second to expose the image, it takes a lot longer to follow through. For me, this is just a little twist on my blog.

Maybe we should do a photo of the day web site with a theme for every day of the year. And everyone contributes! :-)

Regardless, I do plan on doing a theme shoot for the summer, rather like this scavenger hunt, based on the camera club suggestions for proposed club themes. That should provide twenty-some new ideas for pictures.

Oh, visit my brother's blog for the same theme picture set from #25 to #1. (He always does things backwards!)

kcblog said...

Gee thanks yrreP!

Perry said...
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Anonymous said...

I like the "get others in on this" idea. I have watched Perry do this, and there have been a few days where it was a stretch to get it done, with life as it happens:) But for the most part it has been something I see him really look forward to each day. Trying to come up with a unique picture style as well as just finding the "topic" of the day. I think this would be a fun way to get others interested in photography and possibly inspire someone else who has this great talent. Thanks honey, you're an awesome "artist" and I love you

kcblog said...

My page is now at Thanks for looking!!