Thursday, April 24, 2008

My New Friend

I have been watching him for a few days. Today I got lucky enough to get this. Not that great, I know, image quality wise. But you do the best you can with what you have. Well, ok, I could have gotten a little better quality image. But he didn't stay around long and I knew he would not. (This is in the wild, after all, not a zoo!)

UPDATE: This is a juvinile Bald Eagle.

It looks like I have "gone to the birds" but it is migration time and they now present the best choices photographically. It will change. Still want to get a *good* Blue Heron image too.


kcblog said...

Nice photo!
Once again the black background makes a huge difference!

Bubba said...

Very Magestic!! I like it

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bird:) I love looking at your photos. I check back everyday...You have a very special talent and looking at the world through your eyes has given "me" a new outlook on our world. Thank you Perry and please don't "ever stop" what you do. xo